SAILS conducts and facilitates trainings on paralegal capacity building both regionally and nationally in South Asia. Paralegals are the crucial link between the justice system and margainalised communities. Our training programs enhance the capacity of those working with paralegals in order to develop a holistic understanding of paralegalism and to improve the training programs on the ground. It also engages policy makers to create an enabling environment for community paralegal work.

Regional trainings

At the regional level, SAILS conducts Training of Trainers (ToTs). The training program focuses mainly at trainers who have had experience in training community paralegals and worked with community para legal programs, which ranges from large international NGOs to small community based organizations. Through the use of new, Alternate Legal Education (ALE) methodologies, SAILS is introducing innovations in training that approach capacity building in a holistic way, rather than piecemeal training on legal procedures. It also enables knowledge sharing and mutual learning among NGOs dedicated to legal empowerment across South Asia.

To date, SAILS has conducted three regional ToTs, which took place in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. A fourth regional ToT will take place in Nepal in February, 2017.

National processes

SAILS helps to translate the best practices and lessons learned at the regional level to effective change on the ground through its activities at the national level. For example, in Bangladesh, SAILS is coordinating a process of developing training curriculum for paralegals and paralegal trainers that is both suitable for the local context and that also incorporates the learnings from regional collaborations.

Consultations are currently underway to start a national process on paralegal capacity building in Nepal in 2017.

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